Teaching & Art Workshops

Danielle was an experienced art workshop leader before she returned to university in 2012, completing a Post Compulsory - Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and taught on the Art and Design BTEC Foundation studies (Level 3 and 4) Course at Blackpool and Fylde College, teaching;- drawing, painting, print, textiles, fashion and mixed media (2011-2012). These images demonstrate the varied work I was delivering; collage into explored abstraction, drawing with scissors, still life with mixed media and etching print.

Below, features some of the experimental work from the fashion textiles students on the BTEC Art Foundation course, using recycled mixed-media and varying the diverse materials unconventionally creatively. Making a positive impact on the learners was great to see with my motivational ideas and little post stick notes to ask them questions to answer or research, or encourage goals to achieve in the classroom. Seeing their confidence and knowledge grow from the begining of the course developing into formed styles of their work, ready to embrace their next stage in their creative journeys. Guiding and reassuring confidence to the learners, sharing inspiration of techniques, knowledge and ideas to links for them to contextualise further was imperative and exciting as a tutor.

During Danielle's Part time position as an Art and Design Tutor at The Lancashire Adult Learning (Lancashire College), she worked alongside some various inspiring groups of people at various establishments across Lancashire at; Community Centres, Mental Health Hospitals and Recovering Drug Addicts and Recovering Alcoholic Clinic Centres. Feedback and collaborations for the learners was key with NHS Occupational therapits and psychotherapists inhouse at Calderstones Mental Health Secure Unit, and the out patient care team therapist in the community group sessions, community managers, the outreach team at Lancashire College. The sessions were informal, friendly, exploritory, a focuss for all types of participation in the groups through play, discussions, experiements, singular work, working in pairs or groups. Monitoring their progress of mood in the sessions and how well they were performing no matter how small or big was the main emphasis Danielle wanted to empower the learners, to build on their confidence within the group, seeing satisfaction and a sense of achievement was embracing.

Alfresco is a family oriented Music and Art Festival event, all childrens activities are free once on site. Danielle held her Yappers Chappers Designs jewellery stall and ran art workshops for three years, utilising old festival & music flyers as a starting point for the participants to create two dimensional and three dimensional origami and artworks within a competition. Winners of the competition won jewellery from the Yappers Chappers Designs stall and had their photos taken for the facebook page;- https://www.facebook.com/YappersChappersDesigns