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Art Practice and Processes 

Danielle Chappell explores interdisciplinary combinations of techniques, using stitch as a mark making process incorporating recycled-media, in site specific textile installations with lighting and photography. She relishes in the physical process of changing the state of the material.


"The autoethnography approach I navigate, takes inspiration from personal barriers, challenges and experiences, I have navigated through recovery of wellness via art, nature, placemaking and connecting with others, juggling through a neurodivergent perspective.

Overcoming postnatal depression from isolation in new motherhood territory and living away from family, I experimented ways to wellness exploring the benefits that art, people and nature has on mental health, through experiential lived experience, I advocate as a LENS NW champion, to help engage access to arts for health and wellbeing, to make a difference, lift spirits, improve welcome and inclusion into the community of the mental health setting formally and informally as well as to remove barriers to include neurodivergent voices inside and outside the disabled community networks.

#ArtIsEssential Art has purpose to change lives, help improve wellbeing and health benefits, give unity and voice, to make a positive impact on everyday lives within the wider community to include all."


Below in visual slideshow , it features new 2019 reconnections to people, music culture, place, nature and art with the DeerShed Festival eco portable conversational sculpture, navigating varied context and art applications through sustainable appliances, opening dialogue to strangers, overcoming and confronting social anxiety and  widening conversations to climate change, inspiring reduction of consumerism, increasing recycling and sustainable ways to reduce consumption in public spaces by chanced dialogue. This methodology was to confront my fear in a public realm after motherhood isolation and in doing so, liberated my soul, reconnected an old flame of confidence and an eternally grateful love to my two friends Kirsty Hymers and Sarah Roberts who pulled me out of the darkness of clouds with the Deershed Tickets as a treat! The love and value of reconnection to my inspiring strong female mother role models I was blessed with! 

New paintings began as I reconnected with my new Cumbrian surroundings;- refer to 'Roa Island Rusty Boat Study' below in the slideshow). 

Links of progressions of my practice after a 9 year gap of exhibitions, you can see connections of the previous work I explored through atmospheric sensations within the club culture, leading to explore kinetic lighting, linking my sand-grown heritage of Blackpool Illuminations inspiration with my 'Donkey Fest' and 'Seaside Exposure' for the Festival of Lights, Blackpool council commissions, making the work relevant to personal experiences, love of life, I anticipate to develop further on the MA Fine Art Projects For Places programme at UCLAN, with the In Certain Places influence and in house mentors.

“Exploring inclusion, wellbeing and social issues through public engagement interventions, installations, social media call outs, video invites and photography, Danielle's ranges of qualitive and quantitative research through through open discussions, formal interviews will hope to creative formulas and find ways to help solve gaps within the system. A multitude of creative approaches, Danielle's interest of materiality, dual purposes and meanings, combining traditional fine art and contemporary textiles techniques and approaches, a range of small and large manipulations through site, space, place, people and environment, photography and outdoor projector imagery through film, the 'Role of the Artist, how the community inspires the artist, how the artist connects with the community to create positive change' the playful adventures will grown through the part time MA Fine Art Projects for Places  at UCLAN will commence 2019-2021... Watch this space! ”

Intentions for 2019


Danielle is eager to expand her art practice freelancing, accessing creative networks and mentorship schemes, exhibition opportunities, collaborations and possible grants to develop personal solutions through research, to overcome challenges faced being neuro-divergent and juggling Motherhood, returning to work as a visual artist, as a #workingparentartist

Danielle in 2012 launched ‘Yappers Chappers Designs’ creating nickel free jewellery and accessories, and in March 2014 opened her first art studio at Wigan Enterprise House. After relocating to Cumbria, she later transferred her studio in Feb 2018 to 'St Marys Hospice Furniture Warehouse', where she hasn’t looked back since! One of the new addictions to her brand is making new recycled jewellery display units from wooden pallets or buying second hand frames to paint and restore for displaying her earrings.

You can keep up to date and find a selection of Danielle's handmade jewellery here at or a range of the 'Twisted Elegance Jewellery Collections' are on Kings St, Ulverston, at TPFrameworks, ran by the lovely Fay, Terry and Doggy Daisy. Pop over to see their beautiful gallery framing and gift shop or click on their website or facebook below;-

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